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Knife Aid Help and FAQ Page

Help & FAQ

Shipping & packaging

Is it safe to send my knives in the mail?

UPS Shipping

What if the safety sleeve doesn’t fit my knife?

What if my knife does not fit the envelope?

What can I ship?

Best way to ship my envelope?

There is an additional red sleeve in my packaging material, what is it for?


Are cheap knives worth sharpening?

What types of knives do you sharpen?

The tip of my knife has come off - can you fix this?

The blade of my knife is bent - can you straighten it?

Are all knives sharpened the same way?

Do you sharpen asymmetrical edges and single bevels?

What happens to the bolster on my knife?

Can you repair the handle on my knife?

How often do knives need to be sharpened?

What if I am not 100% happy with the result?

Ordering & Subscriptions

How do I redeem my physical gift card or electronic gift card code?

Walk ins and drop off

Can I drop my knives off in person?