The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Holiday season is creeping upon us and with it the same old question that pops up every year: what to get the person that’s got everything? 

For the foodie, the homemaker or even the professional chef: give the gift of sharp knives. Instead of filling the cabinets with yet more clutter (holiday-themed tie, anyone?), Knife Aid reduces waste and helps to keep what you’ve got in its best condition. Knife Aid gift cards start at $59 for four knives and include free shipping nationwide.


Tangled headphones and missing chargers are a thing of the past with this super smart leather roll-up. Available in 15 different colors and with a free monogramming option, this gift is going to get used every day and loved for a long time. $49 plus shipping

Charger roller up

Just as important as regularly getting your knives professionally sharpened is honing your knives at regular intervals. Some might even recommend to hone before each use. A honing steel is easy to use and fairly inexpensive. We love Noble Home and Chef’s magnetized honing steel. $18.50 including shipping


Ask any professional chef and they’ll tell you that their Chef’s Knife is the single most important item in their kitchen. The Shun Classic 8 inch Chef’s Knife with curved blade for easy cuts is among the most loved and recommended by chefs and amateurs alike. From $126.99 including shipping


While you don’t want to undercook especially chicken or pork, using a thermometer also saves you from overcooking any dish. Cooked at the perfect temperature, your food will be so much more enjoyable with all its juices and flavors preserved. The Weber iGrill Mini lets you observe the temperature via app from beginning to end, meaning you don’t have to reach into the oven or grill and risk burning your fingers. $49.99, currently with free shipping 

Cooking is a life skill - and kids love to join in! But small hands need smaller knives, and younger kids often need extra support to keep these little fingers safe. We love the Le Petit Chef Set from Opinel. The set includes a finger guard, a peeler and a kitchen knife with a rounded tip and educational ring to help position the fingers and prevent the hand from slipping onto the blade. $49.99 plus shipping

For all the outdoorsy folks, campers, hunters and Girl/Boy Scouts, a suitable knife is vital! Maybe the most classic and traditional among American folding knives is the Buck 110. The handle is made from ethically sourced ebony. Blades can be customized and engraved. From $54.99 including shipping

Whichever way you slice it, the right chopping board keeps your fingers safe, your knives in good shape and gives you enough space to work on your produce. This large olive wood cutting board is so beautiful, you might want to keep it out on the counter at all times. $49.99 including shipping

Maybe the best cookbook ever, but certainly the bible of authentic Italian home cooking, The Silver Spoon features over 2,000 recipes and is illustrated with 400 photographs. A bestseller for over 50 years, this new edition will make your mouth water and your guests queuing for seconds at every meal. $38.75 including shipping

Know a keen cook but also know they are stuck in a rut? Home Chef delivers recipes together with all the ingredients needed to create amazing meals from scratch. The gift recipient will still have to cook, but all the upfront hassle is taken care of by Home Chef. Gift cards from $60 including shipping