What we sharpen

We sharpen most kitchen knives, scissors and outdoor knives. There are some blades we do not sharpen such as daggers, switch blades or power tool blades. A more detailed list below. We will not only sharpen the below knives, but repair chipped and bend blades as well. 

We sharpen

  • Kitchen knives of all types such as chef knives, paring knives or steak knives, in all types of steel and in ceramic, this includes serrated knives such as bread knives as well as larger knives such as meat cleavers
  • Outdoor and hobby knives such as pocket knives Swiss army knives, hunting and fishing knives (we charge per blade)
  • All major brands expensive or reasonable such as Wusthof, Victorinox, Cuisinart, Buck, etc
  • Most types of scissors with a straight edge to the cutting surface such as sewing scissors and kitchen scissors.

We do not sharpen

  • Straight razors and hair-cutting shears or scissors.
  • Micro serrated blades of any type, micro serration are tiny square indentations along the edge of the blade. These square indentations will make the edge look and feel rough rather than polish as is the case with a normal blade or even normal serration. 
  • Swords and other blades longer than 15 inch.
  • Meat slicer, lawn mower and other blades found in power tools and without handle.
  • Mandolin or vegetable peeler blades and other blades found in kitchen tools and without handle.
  • Pinking shears and other shears or scissors without straight edge cutting surfaces.
  • Wavy blades as found in some decorative or ceremonial knives and swords
  • Daggers or switch blades and other knives with an edge on both sides of the blade.

If you are unsure about your knives, please get in touch contact@knifeaid.com