Over 500k Knives Sharpened

Over 500k Knives Sharpened

7 Knives
$12.71 / knife
7 Knives
$12.71 / knife

Average turnaround time 4-7 days depending on location

All packages fully insured and trackable. All shipping charges included.

How it works


Send your knives using our free, insured and trackable Knife Aid envelope.


Our expert knifesmiths skillfully restore those edges and make them sharper than the day you bought them - guaranteed.


In about a week, you will be slicing and dicing with a fresh edge again.

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"Turned out better than new. Better than I could ever try to do myself and I’ve tried! Super quick service."

Karen O'Mara
February 24, 2020

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Professional sharpening makes the difference

A pleasure to use

Cooking with dull knives is such a frustration! Cooking is more pleasurable with sharp and well maintained knives. Enjoy cooking that family dinner and hosting your next party.

Tastier and healthier

Sharp knives smoothly slice through the product your are cutting rather than tearing it. Sharp knives will cause the smallest amount of damage and conserve the oils, flavors and nutrients in your food.


Did you know that using a DULL knife is actually more hazardous than using a SHARP one? Having to force a knife when cutting is the main reason for knife-related accidents.. Stay SAFE by keeping your knives SHARP!

Over a half million knives sharpened, so what are you waiting for?


Meet Our Master Knifesmith

Meet Our Master Knifesmith

With 30 years of knife sharpening experience under his belt, our Master Knifesmith Magnus runs our workshop and leads our team of 14 experienced sharpeners. No nick, notch or mark goes noticed, earning him the title of `The Perfectionater’ among his crew and resulting in very many happy customers.

Geek out

This one's for the knife nerds

No slacking allowed

We sharpen on the platten instead of a slack belt to maintain a straight bevel - as opposed to creating a convex edge. This also protects the heel and tip of your knives from being ‘rounded off.’

Getting gritty

We use between 120 and 2,500 grit size. For a nice polished edge when needed, we buff on jewelers rouge, which is comparable to a grit size of about 15,000. Deburring and polishing on a leather belt with compound gives an even slicker, more polished edge. It is all about the perfect compromise between slicing and cutting performance, combined with longevity of the edge, and it all depends on the knife in our hands.

Quality control

Before we send your newly sharpened knives back to you, each knife will undergo a quality control procedure on our proprietary testing paper for both slicing and cutting.

100% customer satisfaction guarantee

You will love the way your knives feel when they come back from us! If you are not 100% satisfied, we will resharpen your knives for free.

dont delay

Don’t Delay

With over a half million knives sharpened, what are you waiting for?

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