We sharpen all of these

Kitchen knives

Most types, see examples below

Chef knives

Up to 16 inch long

Paring knives

Other smaller knives

Bread knives

Other serrated knives

Japanese knives

Global, Shun, Miyabi, Kai, etc


For meat or vegetables

Steak knives

Filet and boning knives

Hunting and Fishing knives

Pocket knives

Swiss Army, Buck, Spyderco, etc.


All major brands

US, Japanese, European

Extra services

Broken tip and chip repair max $10

Minor repairs are free, we will contact you before any repairing

Ceramic knife
$10 extra

We will contact you once we have received your ceramic knife

Single bevel knife $20 extra

We will contact you once we have received your knife

Re-serration of serrated knives up to $20 extra

Worn out and old serrated knives, we will contact you before repair

We DO NOT sharpen these...

Straight razors and hair-cutting shears

Swords and knives longer than 16 inch

Meat slicer, Mandoline, etc.

All blades without handle

Pinking shears

Scissors with teeth on the edge

Daggers or switch blades

Automatic opening knives


Gardening Tools


Double-Serrated Knife

Saw Blades


Blades that have never been sharpened

Not sure about your knives?

Just email

$12.71 / knife