How we sharpen

Our workshop is the result of decades of experience as knifesmith. Each knife is treated based on the specific construction, material and design of the knife as well as any existing damage to the blade.


There are a number of different processes and machines our knifesmiths use to sharpen and repair your knives. These are based on many decades of experience and highly optimized for outstanding results. Each knife is treated based on the specific construction, material and design of the knife as well as any existing damage to the blade.

Master Knife Sharpener

The main process for sharpening is done by hand and takes place on aircooled ceramic belts. In addition to sharpening we use these machines for thinning, re-profiling, repairs and re-beveling. 

For German knives and other none Japanese knives like Wusthof, Victorinox, Cuisinart and so on, our knifesmiths sharpen them at 17-20 degrees final edge depending on the quality and type of knife. To do so they use either ceramic belts or structured abrasive belts to a polished but slightly toothy long lasting edge. For deburring (taking off small loose metal shavings) and finishing, a hard felt wheel with compound is used (comparable to 15,000 grit).

For western style Japanese knives like Shun, Global, Tojiro and so on, our knifesmiths put the angle between 10-16 degrees depending on steel quality and kind of grind. The process is similar to the above, but we use one or two more finer grit belts in addition. Deburring and polishing of Japanese knives takes place on a leather belt with compound, for a an even slicker, more polished edge. 

For serrated kitchen knives our knifesmiths sharpen them between 3-6 degrees on their flat side. This is the only way to get really sharp serration tips, it is these tips that get dulled through repeated contact with the chopping board. Serrated knives are sharpened using fine ceramic belts or structured abrasive belts. They are deburred and polished on a super fine scotch bright belt for smaller serrations, and leather belt for bigger serrations as bread knives. 

For ceramic knives we use a proprietary design water cooled diamond flex wheel set up. Ceramic knives are difficult and time consuming to sharpen as they are so hard, our sharpening set up is somewhat similar to the capping wheels used to shape and polish stones and crystals. The knives are finished and polished using diamond paste on a lapping wheel.  

We take pride in our craftsmanship and are convinced you will love the way your knives feel when they come back from us. If you are not 100% satisfied, we will resharpen your knives for free.


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