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Send your knives using our free, insured and trackable Knife Aid envelope.


Our expert knifesmiths skillfully restore those edges and make them sharper than the day you bought them.


In about a week, you will be slicing and dicing with a fresh edge again.

We fix broken tips &
damaged knives

We are masters at knife repair. Minor repairs are free as part of our service. Larger repairs cost $10 max per knife.

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Knife Sharpening Gift Card

Knife Sharpening Gift Card

$59 $14.75 / knife

Get your knives back sharper than the day you bought them, guaranteed


We sharpen your favorite brands

From the most extravagant to your basic everyday household knife.

Dull knives aren’t just frustrating...they are DANGEROUS!

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Over half a million knives sharpened…