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When are knives beyond repair?

When are knives beyond repair?

We very rarely turn down knives for repair, as most day-to-day damages are fairly straightforward to fix. Just like the one in the picture above, we repair knives every day - fixing broken tips, nicks, chips, or slight bends are part of what we love doing. The best part: most repairs are free as part of our service!

But when is a knife so damaged that it becomes unfixable? 

Here are three things to look out for when determining if a knife is beyond repair: 

1. Cracks in the blade

The closer the crack in the blade to the handle of the knife, the more unlikely it is to be fixable. Cracks lead to the blade snapping in the sharpening process, which can put our team at risk of injury. If the crack is towards the tip of the blade, we will carefully break the blade off at the position of the crack and create an entire new tip. Your knife blade will be shortened to the point where the crack was, but it will become fully usable again.

2. Severe bends and twists in the blade

If a blade has been severely bent (anything up from 10 degrees) or twisted, the steel has been compromised, meaning it will never go back to its original shape and form. Those blades almost always snap in the process of realigning them. The closer the bend to the handle, the harder it will be to get it out without snapping. 

With less severe bends, we will be able to make your knife fully usable again, however, you will see hammer marks on the blade from the repair process. 

3. Deep chips and kinks in the blade

Knife after chip repair in blade

Remember the knife from the image above? This is what it looked like after we repaired it. 

The deeper the chip in the blade, the more metal we will have to take off to create a new edge. If the chip runs very deep, we will have to reduce the height of the blade accordingly. Depending on the knife, this could render it unusable. 

In conclusion, damages that are so severe that we can fix them are extremely rare.

Unsure about the damage on your knife? Talk to us: