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Ceramic Knife Sharpening

Ceramic Knife Sharpening

Ceramic knife blades are made from a hard material called zirconia (or zirconium oxide), which is a type of ceramic. While some claim ceramic knives to be sharper than steel, zirconia is at the same time very hard and brittle, i.e. ceramic blades chip easily if used on the wrong surface or on the wrong foods, such as frozen items or bones. 

Do ceramic knives ever get dull?

With the right care, ceramic knives can keep sharp longer than steel knives. However, the brittleness of the material means they are more prone to chipping, and even with the right care, they will dull over time. Having them professionally sharpened is the only option to bring the perfect edge back. 

Can a ceramic knife be sharpened?

Yes! We sharpen them all the time. They require a different setup than that for steel knives though. We sharpen ceramic knives on water-cooled diamond wheels, and it requires a lot of skill and more time to grind down ceramic knives, especially if they are damaged. 

Ceramic knives are charged as an additional service at $10 per knife. 

What is the best sharpening angle for ceramic knives?

Like with all other knives, we always sharpen to manufacturers’ specifications. If you have specific requirements, you can use the sleeve we send in the sharpening envelope to leave a note for our sharpeners.