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knife repair

When are knives beyond repair?

We very rarely turn down knives for repair, as most day-to-day damages are fairly straightforward to fix. Just like the one in the picture above, we repair knives every day - fixing broken tips, nicks, chips, or slight bends are part of what we lo...
knife repair

Sharpening Serrated Knives

Can Serrated Knives Be Sharpened? The lowdown: Yes, serrated knives can be sharpened, we sharpen them on a daily basis, but there are some exceptions. What is a serrated knife? Serrated knives are those that have little ‘teeth’ in their blade. The...
knife repair

Are Cheap Knives Worth Sharpening?

One of the questions we get a lot is if it is worth sharpening cheap knives. It is a common misconception that cheaper knives aren’t worth it - often, the only thing that sets them apart from better knives is a small but important detail: Professi...