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The 6 Best Knife Storage Ideas

The 6 Best Knife Storage Ideas

How to make knives last a lifetime

Ever wondered how to make knives last a lifetime? Correct storage is one of our top tips to makes sure those blades stay sharp as long as possible, especially after you just had them sharpened by us. 

The below kitchen organization hacks are perfect for safely storing your knives. From DIY knife storage, to the best knife block set, we have the top knife storage ideas for you.

 Watch our video below:

Knife Drawer Organizer  

For those who struggle with counter space and are looking for small kitchen hacks, knife drawer organizers are great space savers. Rather than tossing your knives into your drawers, these organizers keep your knives from knocking into each other and keep you safe when you reach for them.

DIY knife holder made with grains

If you don’t have a knife block and want to create your own in a pinch, you can make a DIY knife holder with a grain like rice and a wide-mouth canister. Simply find a canister that matches the style of your kitchen and fill it to the top with rice. Then, insert your knives into the rice, being sure to leave space between your blades. 

Cookbook DIY kitchen knife holder

We all have that shelf of aesthetically pleasing cookbooks collecting dust, right? Grab a few you’d like on display and wrap them together tightly with twine. Then, slide your knives between the pages to create a stylish DIY kitchen knife holder. 

Classic knife block

If you're into the classics, knife blocks are a great way to safely display your knives for easy accessibility. This knife block is one of our favorites and also has a spot for your honing rod, kitchen shears, and a set of steak knives. 

Magnetic knife block or wall-mounted strip

Magnetic knife holders are becoming more popular because they make your impressive knife collection the centerpiece of your kitchen while allowing for easy and quick access. From magnetic bars to magnetic easels, there are tons of options for displaying your knives. 


If you travel with your knives or can’t break the habit of tossing them into your kitchen drawers (we do not endorse this), a simple knife sheath will protect your blade from dulling and prevent any accidents with the sharp blade. Sheaths are a great and affordable option for protecting you and your knives