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How To Prep Grapefruit Like A Pro

How To Prep Grapefruit Like A Pro

If you love grapefruit but are not keen on the white bits, we have just the trick for you.

What Are Grapefruit Supremes?

Supremes are the parts of flesh of citrus fruits that have neither peel nor white skin attached to them, i.e. the best parts! They not only taste better, they also look fantastic in a salad, a drink, or just on their own. 

How To Supreme Grapefruit In 3 easy Steps

  1. Use a serrated knife to cut the top and bottom off your grapefruit. This ensures an even surface for safe cutting. Pro tip: serrated knives are best for cutting foods with a tough outer layer and a soft inner layer. 
  2. Switch to a filleting knife and use the flexible tip to remove the skin and white layer around the flesh.
  3. To ‘supreme’ your grapefruit, cut wedges along the membranes of the fruit. 

Watch our video below to follow the process step by step. 

As with any prep work, a professionally sharpened knife will make your life a whole lot easier.