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The Chef-Approved Tip That Will Instantly Upgrade Your Knife Skills

The Best Way to Hold A Knife

How To Hold A Knife Like A Pro

Are you looking for cooking hacks to upgrade your knife skills? The pinch grip, where you place your thumb and forefinger on either side of the blade in a “pinch,” is the best - and safest - way to hold your knives. This pinch hold is used by top chefs and home cooks alike because of the balance and control the grip gives.

Watch our video below:


When holding the knife in a pinch grip, the knife becomes an extension of your hand and gives you full control. This will allow you to make more accurate, precise, and speedy cuts.


Because you have full control and a centered balance, the pinch grip stops the knife from wobbling from side to side. This helps eliminate slips and cuts while also serving to slow the “roll” on the cutting edge of the blade.


Chefs who slice and dice for hours on end use the pinch grip for the most comfortable hold. With this grip, your hand is far less likely to tire and your fingers to cramp.