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Un-shucked corn on the cob on a tabletop

How to cut corn off the cob

Always wondered how to cut corn off the cob without turning your kitchen into a kernel-littered battlefield? The proof is in the pudding (pan)…

For a mess-free corn cutting experience, place the tip of the cob into the small, circular opening of a bundt pan. Using a sharp, medium sized knife (we recommend a chef’s knife), cut downwards in gentle, swaying motions. Cut about 2/3 deep into the kernels, which will collect neatly at the bottom of your pan.

To protect both your knife’s blade as well as your pan, make sure to slow down as you near the end of the cob. Rotate and repeat until you’ve removed most of the corn.

Tip: Freeze leftover cobs to use as a base for corn soup or chowder.