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Travelling with knives

Travelling with knives

If you are as fond as we are of our knives, the thought of travelling with them might have crossed your mind. Because what is more frustrating than renting a holiday home and being stuck with a drawer of blunt blades of questionable origin? Or arriving on a campsite with just the one pocket knife? 

Safely packing knives is not an easy task (believe us, we’ve put A LOT of thought into the matter), so how do professional chefs do it? 

As one the most trusted brands in the industry, our friends at Mercer Culinary are supplying professional chefs with not only knives but also rolls and cases that allow them to take their knives wherever they go. Using a knife roll for knives and utensils means you too can travel with your knives safely. Not only does a knife roll protect the blades on your knives from banging against each other and getting damaged in the process - it also keeps you safe!

And the best: if you purchase a Mercer Culinary knife roll through this link, you'll save an extra 10%! 

No matter if you are participating in your town's Big Chilly Cook Off, go camping for a week or just want to give your Mom a helping hand with the Thanksgiving feast: Take your knives wherever you travel! Safely. For yourself and your knives.