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How To Safely Clean Your Kitchen Knives

How To Safely Clean Your Kitchen Knives

From washing to drying, take good care of your knife set with these easy cleaning tips to keep you and your kitchen knives safe.

Avoid the dishwasher 

Tossing your knives into the wash with the rest of your dirty dishes can be tempting, but the damage the dishwasher can cause on your knives is not worth the convenience (trust us, we’ve seen the worst of it). Even though we’re always here to spiff up your knives when you need us, keep your blades sharper for longer by skipping the harsh heat, chemicals, and movement your dishwasher causes.

Stay away from the edge of the blade

While hand washing your knives, always keep the edge of the blade facing away from you. Fold a cloth or sponge over the spine of the blade and drag down from the heel to the tip of the blade. (Same goes when drying your knives) 

Store knives dry

When you put your knives away wet, they will rust over time. Leaving them wet also creates the perfect environment for nasty mold and bacteria to grow. Always dry your knives thoroughly before storing them away. Don’t be that person. 

Watch our video on how to clean a knife: