Why you should professionally sharpen your kitchen knives!

Imagine spending a fair amount of money on a nice piece of meat, fish, poultry or produce. Imagine then bringing it home and ruining the whole lot with a blunt knife.


Using expertly sharpened knives provides a smoothly cut surface with minimum pressure applied - instead of tearing off fibers and losing essential oils, flavors and texture on your chopping board. In other words: food prepared with a sharp knife tastes better! Sharp knives are also much more fun to work with.

There are two different techniques to maintain your knives.

  1. Honing, which takes a little practice but can be achieved at home, will align the blade of your knife while taking very little material off the blade. The blade is not actually being sharpened, but it will appear somewhat sharper as honing puts it into its proper position and smoothes microscopic burrs in the blade.

  2. Sharpening, on the other hand, is a technique that takes a small amount of material off the blade to create a new, sharper edge. With a bit of training and a lot of practice, you might be able to sharpen your knives to a certain degree at home. To get real results though, there is no other way than giving your knives into the hands of highly skilled professionals. A professionally trained knife smith can assess the right angle for your knife’s bevel edge. They will ensure the least amount possible is going to be taken off the blade, prolonging your knife’s lifespan. Any dents or burrs are taken out of the blade with this technique.

A professionally sharpened knife cuts better, stays sharp for longer and is easier to keep sharp once the blade starts to get dull again. You can think honing is like brushing your teeth, sharpening is like going to the dentist.

Knives need professional sharpening about once or twice a year, depending on how much you use them. Unfortunately, local knife sharpeners have become a rare breed these days. Luckily, Knife Aid can provide you with professionally sharpened knives no matter where in the U.S. you live. Once we return your knives to you, they will be as good as new.

If you love cooking - sharpen your knives! If you love the person who’s cooking - sharpen their knives!