Sharp knives are a pleasure to use

More fun

Cooking with sharp and well maintained knives is simply more fun. Preparing for a family lunch or a dinner party with friends can feel like a dreaded chore - especially if your knives are ruining the produce or meat you just bought and they are, literally, just not cutting it. 

Ever tried cutting a tomato in even, thin slices with a blunt knife? It’s not only impossible, it is also highly frustrating and can easily stifle any culinary enthusiasm. 

Knowing that your sharp knives will get the job done fast and effortlessly makes the prospect of preparing food less daunting. And keeping blunt knives out of the kitchen means you are preserving the flavors, texture and nutrients of your food. 

Less tears - more pleasure 

Of course, you can stick to stealing your kids’ goggles to keep yourself from crying when mincing onions. But did you know that a truly sharp knife will damage less of an onion’s cellular structure? When cut with a professionally sharpened knife, less tear-inducing gasses will be released, hence making this job much more pleasurable. 

Presentation matters

Be it thin cut tomato wedges, even slices of sizzling ‘tagliata’ filet on a bed of rocket or precise cubes of butternut squash - presentation does matter. Looking at as much as a picture of food can make our mouth water. And why would you want to deny yourself this pleasure? Keep your knives sharp for a more pleasurable cooking experience!