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Sharp knives are a pleasure to use

Sharp knives are a pleasure to use


Cooking with sharp and well maintained knives is simply more fun. Preparing for a family lunch or a dinner party with friends can feel like a dreaded chore - especially if your knives are ruining the ingredients you just bought. Literally, they are not cutting it.

Ever tried slicing a tomato with a dull knife? It’s not only impossible, it is also highly frustrating and can easily stifle any culinary enthusiasm. With knives, it's all about control. When you use a sharp knife it requires much less pressure to cut into an item. There is a reduced tendency to slip, giving you greater control over the blade.


Of course, you can wear goggles to keep yourself from crying when cutting onions. When you use a sharp knife less damage to the onion’s cellular structure occurs, therefore less tear inducing enzymes are released. 


When you have sharp knives you can mince, slice, dice, and chop your way through food prep. Beautiful food is visually appealing. From a gorgeous sliced tomato to carving that perfectly cooked rack of lamb or cutting into a crusty loaf of bread, when your tools are kept in the best condition, you will have a more pleasurable cooking experience. 

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