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Tastier and efficient food prep with with sharp knives

Tastier and efficient food prep with with sharp knives


Delicate ingredients, like herbs, will look fresher for longer if you slice through them with a sharp blade. A dull knife will crush more of the cells surrounding the item you are cutting, which ultimately accelerates wilting and discoloration.

But more than this, a dull knife slows you down, while a sharp knife makes prep easier and more enjoyable.


Always use a sharp knife. A sharp knife will cause less damage to cell walls in your ingredients. We know that cutting an onion end to end will make for a milder flavor, while cutting it against the grain (e.g. cutting rings) releases more flavor compounds and gives it a stronger taste. The way we cut our food determines its texture, and the texture plays a big role in our overall taste experience. Take a nectarine or any soft skinned fruit or vegetable, for example. A dull blade will tear the fibers resulting in an uneven, almost grainy surface. A clean cut slice, however, will feel cool and smooth against your tongue, creating a totally different overall flavor.


According to a study published in the Journal of Food Science & Technology, using dull knives to cut vegetables puts unnecessary stress on them and can increase the loss of nutrients. They also found that using sharp knives can reduce the risk of bacterial growth and excessive softening. 

In short, using professionally sharpened knives means that more of those nutrients and flavors are being preserved. Not only will your food taste better, it is also healthier for you!

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